Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gilbert, Milton and Shakespeare

This weeks readings all have to do with someone’s deeper feelings. In Gilbert’s “One Word” we encounter the narrator who is debating on whether or not she should be in Rome because of the difference between her and the people. However she is focusing on the outer layer of people. She says to Guilo that she doesn’t compare to these other women. The women in Rome dress with sophistication and confidence. Guilo tells her that it’s not the outer appearance but rather the deeper meaning of one’s self. The narrator then spends the rest of this chapter trying to discover exactly what word describes who she is.

In John Milton’s poem he discusses how he longs for the time when he was able to see. He speaks of how unfair it is that this was done to him. He wants to kill himself because he feels as if he could not do the labor that God asks of people. The look on life that disabled people are almost good for nothing. But deep down inside he knows that is false. His beliefs will stop him from doing this. It makes one wonder what exactly is going through a disabled persons mind and how they truly are affected by their incapability’s.

William Shakespeare’s poem to her lover is a perfect way to describe how looking deeper than looks is what is important in love. He spends the entirety of the poem describing these beautiful objects and making it a point to state that this woman is none of these things. Yet at the end of the poem he says that it doesn’t matter because she is beautiful to him. Even though she doesn’t hold this goddess like beauty, she is still the love of his life and he couldn’t be happier.

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