Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Self- Sacrifice is a major theme represented throughout the four poems. In each four examples the feeling of grief or hardship occurs that bind the individual or a couple with oneself or together. During each individual portrayal of self-sacrifice comes a new meaning of life, a lesson to be learned about what became of their sacrifice. It is each poem’s ability to portray that devotion and sacrifice exemplifies a greater form of existence.
In “The Flea” by John Donne, a bite from a flea becomes a holy bond for a man and women. Having both blood from the man and the women as well as from itself, the flea is three beings bonded as one and shows that meaningless things such as a flea bite can have a much larger meaning for life. Both the man and women’s sacrifice of blood demonstrates that in order to be one, the man and women could not remain the way they were. Killing the flea at the end of the poem represented that change is inevitable and that a courtship without a certain amount of devotion should be considered a sinful act.
In the “Valediction, Forbidding Mourning,” John Donne portrays a couple and their need to sacrifice themselves in order to be with one another because of their separation by location. Stating the agonies of their separation, the writer associated the feeling of the earth stretching. Even through this pain and suffering the couple associated the separation as the growing of oneness between each other. As they move from location to location, further and further apart their sacrifices exemplifies a greater lesson on unity and love for one another.
“Fox Trot Fridays” by John Donne portrays a person’s sacrifice during a day to day basis. Stating that every day has a different challenge; it is important to remain faithful to yourself, in doing so one can remain whole and be satisfied with one’s life. Being tempted to take the easy way out of things, failure to sacrifices one’s self to a better cause will only hurt you rather than help. It is the lessons that we learn through our efforts that impact us the most.
The “Memorandum” by Billie Bolton is an unorthodox way of showing what sacrifice is needed in life to precede and grow. Stating some of the excuses that are used in relationships the email/poem demonstrates the effort needed to remain honest with oneself as well as others. Preaching the idea growing up and taking responsibility for one’s actions, Bolton shows that putting the past behind someone starts a whole new beginning.
In result it is due to a person’s self sacrifice that ultimately teaches them the proper lessons to progress as an individual, a couple in a relationship or even in a family. It is the mistakes that we make throughout our lives that ultimately makes us stronger and progress through another day.

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