Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Anthony Mahfood
February 6, 2011
Dr. Ellis
Understanding Literature
Shakespeare expresses his love for his mistress in a weird way. He finds all her flaws and compares them to beautiful things. He is confessing his love in what appears to be a childish manner. Shakespeare compares his mistress eyes to the sun but says that the sun is more beautiful than her and it seem her eyes only compare with the bad features of the sun. It is clear that he loves her for who she is and nothing else. This is an unique way to show one’s love but it is clear that he truly is in love with her. I almost can relate this to the way a mother loves her child because a mother will accept the child and loves them regardless of their flaws.
The poet john Milton is blind and this poem is expressing the way he feels about using the time when he was able to see. The poet feels depressed and wants to kill himself but he cant be cause it goes against all of his beliefs. The poem depicts the classic struggle between one’s desires and one’s beliefs. He never comes out and says he is blind but he refers to it as he has used up all his light and now there is none left so he is stuck in darkness. Milton has a lot of faith in God, which allows him to stay strong and fight though his blindness.
These two are related because in the first sonnet Shakespeare’s love for his mistress is genuine like a mother’s love for her child. In the second poem John Milton’s love for God and his faith keep him strong through his blindness. I found this poem to have a lot of hidden meaning along with much clearer meaning that just popped out at you. I could relate these two works to when I would help out at a children’s home in the ghetto of Jamaica. The children there were so deprived of everything they would be overjoyed to receive a pencil. I remember the smiles on their faces because it was so genuine and they would thank me endlessly.

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