Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog #3 - Reading Reactions

John Milton’s poem When I consider how my light is spent is an interesting reflection on his life. Milton, who had been blind for the four years previous to publishing this poem, writes about how his eye sight has been taken from him and darkness is all he has left. It is really sad to read because you can see the pain and suffering Milton has gone through because his eyes have been taken from him. His reference to God makes things even more disheartening because he states that God does not need his eyesight because he must now “stand and wait.” I took this to mean that now because he is useless to the world, he must stand and wait to die or for God to take him.

I really enjoyed reading Shakespeare’s My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun. From the second the poem started I knew where it was going. Shakespeare describes everything about his woman that isn’t perfect. Her lips are dull, her skin is pale her eyes are unexciting; however, none of this matters because the speaker is in love with her and no other woman could compare to her. It is a really sweet poem in the end, even if the beginning is mildly insulting. Nevertheless it makes a great point: beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

The One Word excerpt taken from Gilbert’s novel Eat Pray Love was very interesting. It baffled me to think that one word could describe and entire person, let alone an entire city. Her one word for each city made sense and was very funny to think about, especially Rome’s one word. After having time to think about this excerpt, I wondered what my one word would be. I think that after much thought it might be TRY. I try to do well in all aspects of my life whether it is in school or doing community service. I try to be a good friend and I try to become a better person. I always try my best, and if sometimes things don’t work out as I planned, I’m not saddened or disappointed because deep down I know that I did try.

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