Monday, April 25, 2011

Final Blog

This final blog is about the second half of the play Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. I enjoyed reading this play. It was a play about love, trickery and contained a great amount of humor. The second half of this play is very similar yet opposite to the first half in terms of characters and their feelings. It was strange to see Olivia, a women who said she would not love for seven years do to the passing of her brother, falls in love with a 'man' and marries him quickly. This is strange considering that Orsino at the end of the play accepts the fact that Olivia does not love him. It seems that he never truly loved her but loved the idea of loving her and being in love with someone. He then realizes his feelings for Viola who is in love with him.
Another aspect of the play that added a great deal of humor was the way Malvolio acted. After finding the note he acted the way it recommended him too. What was very funny was how Olivia was extremely confused at his actions and thought he was mad. It was a great prank to be pulled on him and it was necessary because he actually thought he should be a king. Malvolio was more worried about the power of being a king rather than being in love with Olivia. He just wanted to boss people around and wondered what that would be like. This play was very interesting. It was filled with love triangles, deception, and humor.
One thing that I learned about myself from this semester is my appreciation for literature. I have taken advanced literature and English classes in high school and never really appreciated what was going on in class. I did not read all the books because many were boring. This semester the readings and poem seemed to interest me. The discussions were a great way to learn about what I was reading. I learned to understand poetry and truly appreciate literature.

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