Monday, April 25, 2011

Final Blog

For this week’s blog, also the last blog I will be talking about the second half of the play entitled: “The Twelfth Night” written by William Shakespeare. Also for my last event of the semester I completed about two weeks ago was helping out a cause here at Loyola to support and spread the word about sexual abuse. The play focused on love and trickery as two major themes, I related this to the event because it focused on how you should always express your sexual desires with people, and only if you love them and watch out for the people who are just using you.
William Shakespeare a well-known play writer described a party on the Twelfth night celebration incorporating love and trickery into it. We read the last three Acts III – V. These last three acts were in my opinion the climax of the play and the resolution. The play ended with a bang as many people previously who weren’t in love falling in love, or people realizing they were in love with people they should have been with the whole play. The duke finally realized he loves Viola who has been in love with him forever, and in a comedic sense Sebastian and Olivia end up being with each other after Olivia thinks Sebastian, Viola (Cesario) twin brother is actually Cesario.
My favorite and I think most comedic part about the whole play was Malvolio. I believe this because of how stupid he is when he falls right into the prank set for him. He dresses up in yellow pants and smiles all day long, doing the complete opposite of what Olivia actually likes and wants.
I have read some Shakespeare before: Hamlet, A Midsummer Nights Dream, King Lear and now Twelfth Night. I have always struggled to read and understand the meanings of him I believe this time I had a better basis towards reading it. This I believe was because of the amount of reading poems this semester and the amount of Shakespeare I have now read. By no means do I believe Twelfth Night to be the hardest and most eloquent play by him, as I think this to be Hamlet, but with the uncomfortable reading zone with poems and my previous background with Shakespeare I believe I was able to tackle this play and get most of the full meaning out of this time.
A few weeks ago I completed my last event, by doing two in one week it gave me an extra one for a week when I could not complete one. This event was created to spread the word about sexual abuse for men and women throughout there college lives. The statistics were staggering with 1 in 8 men getting sexually abused and 1 in 4 women. This event was very basic but I believe very strong as being volunteers we had to wear a t-shirt showing the statistics and walk around school one day showing people how staggering and raising awareness. I was very skeptical at the beginning of the day because I didn’t think many people would care or even look twice at the shirt but sitting in my classes that day I could see more than just me wearing it and people were actually reading it and realizing that a huge number of people in that room would probably be affected by this one day in their college career. For the soccer team we have 9 freshmen, from these 9 people at least 1 of us according to the statistics will one day experience this and have to deal with it one day. This hit me hard thinking about it throughout the day and it really showed me a new look when I enter every classroom as some days I count how many people are there and think how many of them may have this happen to them.
Because this is my last blog of the semester we are supposed to write something surprising we learned. For me it was the way I was able to step out of my comfort zone and read poetry and as the semester progressed be able to interpret it a little better, not saying I am an expert or anything near it but comparing the first poem to the last I can find out more deeper meanings and see things I never would have seen before.

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