Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Whale Rider

Anthony Mahfood

Understanding Literature

Ms. Ellis

January 20, 2011

Whale Rider

As the story progresses it is clear that the narrator, Rawiri, now sees that Kahu was the chosen one but Koro still couldn’t see that. Rawiri and Kahu begin to get close and this is because he truly believes that she is the chosen one. When Koro decided not to show up to the dance Nanny is not very mad at first, but when the teacher announces that Kahu won the speech contest Nanny is in shock because this is the first time she is hearing about it. As a result she asks Kawiri if she mentioned it to him, but she only told him that she has a surprise so he had no idea what it was. Kahu was very disappointed that Koro did show up because her speech was about he love for her grandfather. They all go back to find Koro depressed about the whales and blames it all on Kahu. She knows it is her fault beach she called them and they came. After a long night of trying to save the whales they realize it is over for now and decide to take a break. When everyone is gone Kahu is going and talked to the whale. She gets on his back and the whale fights his way into the water. This is a very special part because it proves she is the chosen one. Rawiri is the one who turns around and notices the whale is gone. This shows his connection with Kahu. At this point Koro prays for Kahu to come back because he now know she is the chosen one. The ending was very special and touching.

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