Monday, January 24, 2011

Koro's Transformation and How This Saved the Future of Their Tribe

In the first half of The Whale Rider, Koro is unable to cope with the possibility of change. Koro sees importance in tradition and tribal customs; however his judgments are not consistent with keeping all traditions alive. Although Koro appears to be ifnorant of the changes and signs of revolutions that are in front of him, it is eventually impossible for Koro to ifnore the connections between Kahu, the whales, and the founder of their tribe. Koro's changes prove the importance of accepting change, acknowledging family, and putting the importance of family before traditions. Koro's changes caused a chain reaction which allowed for the survival of the tribe as well as strengthen his relationship with his family.

If Koro had been aware of Kahu's importance to the future of their tibe, he would have acted differently. Only because he had gone through a transformation, Koro was able to ask both the men and women for help in saving the whales. The moment when the whole town, both men and women, were fighting against the ocean and working together to save the whales marks the moment where Koro's transformation begins. If Koro had not changed, the whales may have never survived because kahu and the other women would never have been allowed on the beach in the first place. Not only did Kahu's actions cause a change in Koro's actions as a leader, but it also caused a change in Koro's attitude towards his family. He focuesed on mending his relationship with Kahu, suddenly realizing that he should have seen the signs all along and should not have been so stubborn and in denial. HIs relationship with Nanny Flowers also changed. There was no tension between them. If Koro and nanny Flowers had never resolved their problems in the hospital room, Kahu never would have woken up from her coma. Once Kahu woke up, Koro was aware of the potential in her that he was unable to see before, solely because he was blinded by both tradition and prejudice. Seeing the capabilities of Kahu made Koro realize the potential in orthers, which made him a more compassionate leader who was ready to embrace change and begin new traditions, while maintaining a strong connection with their tribe's past.

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