Monday, March 14, 2011

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The readings for this week, Mary Shelley’s ending to Frankenstein, and Walt Whitman’s “Ones-Self I sing” and “I Sing the Body Electric” all focus on a common theme about creating connections between people so you always have someone for you. Shelley and Whitman both display this theme in all three of their writings as they try and relate this subtly through the creature of Frankenstein or in a poetic way talking about his own life.

Frankenstein portrayed this theme greatly throughout the whole novel from him trying to find a common ground with the family he spied on for months and from his master by making Victor create another female monster for him. This quest was everything to Frankenstein and he did whatever it took to get it and show the strong bonds between companionship. When Victor destroyed his next creation Frankenstein vowed revenge on him, as he needed someone to be with, as he did not want to be alone ever.

In “I Sing the Body Electric” by Walt Whitman he talks and explains how the body and soul creates deep connections between people and how important they are. He goes on to explain how every part of the body connects to the soul, which will ultimately connect to a partner and a companion for life. In “Ones-Self I Sing” Whitman also explains the importance of companionship, by stating: “Form complete is worthier far.” He believes that if you are alone it is not terrible but not a what is best for you with this quote it shows he believes in unity and being together with someone to share some deep connection relating to the soul.

All three readings for today relate back to connections, the body and how companionship is better for everyone. Both Shelley and Whitman agree on this idea and both demonstrate through there works how this is necessary not only for humans but for every living thing in this world.

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